Blizzard Fail--12 Years of Abandoning

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Blizzard Fail--12 Years of Abandoning

Starcraft 1.  In 1998 I e-mailed Blizzard in response to t heir latest patch (1.02).  I complained about the increased mouse lag on occasion with the new patch (unsure if this was ever resolved or people simply got better computers, got used to it etc.)  I asked them to make latency able to be set before the game (they never did--IMO this is flawed in a similar way to the way that being able to adjust game speed was in Warcraft 2).  I asked them for a remedy for getting public games started on maps other than Hunters (they never really did anything about this).  I asked them to fix problems with the game lobby becoming split or desynched, causing not all players to see each other and then dropping after the game was stopped (they have yet to do this as of 2010).  I asked them to make StarEdit as effective as 3rd party editors at keeping map size small (they never did anything and 3rd party editors are still necessary to do simple things).  I asked them to find a way to make sure players don't get DISC recorded when they surrendered a game and should have got a LOSS (this still happens--similar problems such as both players receiving a loss also occur--their ladder was shut down/abandoned anyways).  I asked them about records getting mixed up between servers (servers are no longer linked--not really an improvement but hey it gets rid of some difficulties).  I asked them when they are going to seriously put a stop to cheating (they haven't).

I asked for them to stop recording win/loss records for non-ladder games, as it biases people towards games that count and against UMS (the only type that doesn't count).  Additionally, win/loss record in such accounts is trivial to achieve and impossible to police.  I argued that people would be more willing to play for fun and try new maps, and less excessive accounts would be made (at this point one often had to intentionally take losses or make new accounts to make sure people would play with you).  They didn't do anything about this.

I asked them to make the Starcraft client a little smarter so that hackers cannot send me false packets to cause me to drop from the game or from (they didn't do this).

As far as fixing their ladder goes, I asked them to tie CD key to ladder achievements.  Deleting the account of a ladder abuser is not enough of a deterrent.  They have done this for Starcraft 2 but still not Starcraft 1.  Instead they simply stopped trying to have a real SC ladder.

I asked them to do something about the spam infestation of the Clan Tryouts channel.

I asked for /squelch (it's like ignore) to apply to all of a user's accounts and tell you who they were.  They didn't do this.

I asked for a new game type that would allow the creator to change the game type, map and speed AFTER people join (they didn't).

I told them that the 5 second countdown was silly and that Warcraft 2's "ready box" was better.  This would be a way of handling last minute race changes, map changes, etc.

There were other things I asked for that they did end up doing (probably coincidence), but I just thought people should know that Blizzard has failed to implement many basic, strong improvements to SC's for almost 12 years.