Is piracy killing gaming?

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Is piracy killing gaming?


Guy gives his opinion on the subject, at length.  People are free to debate him and give their own opinions.

Somehow Hot_Bid feels this is not appropriate for anything beyond blogs, so does he move it to blogs and PM the user?  No, he closes the thread and posts his reason there.

Now the user will probably remake the topic or make annoying questions in the feedback forum.  Users aren't told they need to sift through the Closed forum to find their missing topics to find explanations, just like they aren't told they need to go there when they're banned to see how long the ban is for and what the reason was.

IMO the topic was fine for staying open.  Stopping others from responding did us no service, and furthermore even if it should be a blog post the way this was gone about was horrible, creating more problems than it solves--out of laziness I suppose.