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Migration from Nabble to Reddit

I think a subreddit makes more sense.  Nabble is a bit weird.  So, check out our new sub, "oldliquids"


outdated edits below

<p>Many years ago, "STIMEY D OKGM FISH" was a popular personality on the TeamLiquid.net forums.  At the time of his
banning he was rated the funniest, most liked, and most intelligent poster.  Since then he has consistently been rated most
interesting, most missed, etc.</p>

<p>He has opened this forum to ensure that forum participation with him is possible--but this is not a "STIMEY-themed" or
"Teamliquid-themed" forum.  It's a neutral ground where "STIMEY" dwells.

<p>It exists to keep his style of foruming alive, however barely, when its true home has been destroyed by political decay.</p>

<p>Despite that the forum was intended for people in general and not TL specifically, much of the highlights thus far have been TL-related.  If you are from TL these should be of interest:</p>

<ul>How to improve TL...
Read about the SmartBan idea, something better than banning for forums

Read a long diatribe about TL possibly having an "ignore" feature

Read about how a post-sponsorship program can help the forum add value from difficult users that might otherwise have to be banned


<ul>Why am I banned?  What's wrong with these immature TL fucker mods?
Read my (still) open challenge to TL to show me the mythical warning(s) I received before being banned

Read my basic plea for letting me back into TL

See FakeSteve lose an argument and run away really immaturely

See a TL forum moderator claim the forums aren't an important part of the TL site

See Manifesto7 say he'll answer questions and then never answers even the first one