Re-explanation of this forum (Dead & Damaged Threads)

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Re-explanation of this forum (Dead & Damaged Threads)

I understand this arrangement is strange, but considering the amount of activity on the forum, it works:

1.  When a thread in the main forum, Misc., appears to have stopped, and will no longer get responses, nor warrant really any additional reading, I move it here--to call attention to it.  These posts _need_ new posts, but aren't getting them.  Maybe they will never get them.

2.  Once here, they can be revived, and again, I will check for any new posts here, and carry on conversations just the same.  But because they already died once a lot of them are just not going to be revived.  So this forum is like a graveyard with a few zombies.  The other one is more for the living.  I can check this forum second, and can read both forums more effectively because of this.

3.  But, as you can see, theoretically they are identical twin forums--they are both Misc., two sides of a coin, functioning together--yin and yang.