TL staff deludes themselves about the facts of stimey's ban

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TL staff deludes themselves about the facts of stimey's ban

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Their opinions about how stimey was warned come not from reality but from talking to each other in their secret forum, convincing themselves of myths ad nauseum.

"I think people need to stop assuming things and realize that we had good reason to ban him.

He DID do a lot of things that forced us to ban him, he DID continue to do those things when we gave him 2nd and 3rd chances, and we DID give him more chances than any member should ever get.

He DIDN'T know when to shut up, he DIDN'T take us seriously when we warned him, he DIDN'T think we'd ever really ban him permanently, he DIDN'T realize that he was not above the rules no matter how funny/entertaining he was.

Unless you somehow know all the facts and circumstances involved in Stimey's ban, please refrain from making any judgments as to whether you think we were wrong, unreasonable, stupid, etc in doing so. Expressing displeasure is one thing, criticizing the people who made the decision with the tone of someone who knows better is another."

Wrong.  I never had a chance to take any warnings seriously.  The only "warning" was some shitty PM from Beyonder which preceded my temp ban--I was let back in w/o being told to do anything different and there was no way to know what Beyonder wanted from his PM or from anything else anyone said to me.  I talked to mensrea about it, drone, and rek, and could draw no conclusions other than to not openly make fun of Beyonder (I didn't, but still got perma banned).  TL, show me this mythical warning you believe in so bad.  Where does it exist?  What did it say?  When did it happen?  Put up or shut up.

From what i could gather from the admin topic on stimey ages ago, he crossed the lines many times and was warned, but he didn't take the warnings seriously because eriador and rekrul love him so he thought he was immune.

I dont care either way, but his recent thread shows he hasnt changed much thus i dont think he should be unbanned.

More talking about it is unproductive.

No buddy, I wasn't warned.  A warning tells you what will happen if you do something again.  If you don't tell me what will happen, or what you don't want to happen again, then it's not a warning.  I tried to get a warning and no one would have the balls or the effort to give me one.  I was perma banned without any chance to comply with any real warning, and this is the fact that stands regarding "STIMEY."