mani thinks this is a competition

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mani thinks this is a competition

Manifesto7   Japan. February 20 2009 12:32. Posts 14675 PM Profile Blog Quote
Now things make more sense seeing stimey there, took me a while to catch on. The above guy is Chibi, so Chibi and stimey are obviously gathering more research for their website discussions at their own forum.

Hope you found what you guys were looking for.


i didnt get to be the 5th highest post-count person of 200X without being a nice, interesting, fun, forum-friendly, REALLY NICE kinda guy


you blew up topics about me (and possibly stimey)
then you maintained them.

no one WANTED to ban chibi, chibi was just a victim of REALLY SHITTY circumstance
after chibi got banned he went from pissed to PISSED and every time he came back to you it was noticed and he was banned again. chibi never wanted to be banned, chibi spent 100 fucking hours argueing why he shouldnt be banned. but he failed, ultimately, because (thankfully) people decided being a drunk-tard wasn't good enough for TL.

now chibi is trying to re-integrate himself from various IPs with varying success (his most recent ban Kerensky was not a huge effort - making topics that in 2005 would have been welcomed).

however, with a logged IP chibi knows when and how the moderators are trolling him, and when and how people are taking prejudice against him (STUPID fucking prejudice that shouldnt exist in the first place) and this makes chibi once again pronce to stupid rebellious fucking comments like "black women looks black" or whatever he said.

fact of the matter is
a) TL has changed a lot since 2005, and NOT for the better. maybe moderation has gotten awesomely good, but awesome moderation does not mean awesome forums.

b) honestly thats all the complaints chibi has right now - except for BLATENT prejudice (which o/c stems from REDICULOUS accusations and not from the fact that chibi was just a shitty poster and should after 3-4 years be allowed an HONEST 2nd chance)

c) honestly i dont know if its me or not, but every thread ive made has been genuine and has been met with obscene aggression. it feels like chibi is a demon like stimey has been (MADE) a demon (rather than a concerned advocate)

d) if i meet any of you offline im sure that we would have an awesome time together, except for a handful of closed-minded people who would just find me amusingly offensive. and by closed-minded i mean "differently-minded" coz im not an asshole and i do love starcraft and i do love all of the people who visit that forum and only have an issue with a vast minority who liked to close threads within 6 minutes instead of letting the userbase decide for themselves what is permittable and what is not

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Re: mani thinks this is a competition

I agree.  It's not a competition.  But what else are the mods supposed to do?  They obviously don't like posting to or reading the forums.  So obviously they have to find something to do.  So they sit around and talk to themselves about who the enemies are and they proceed to "fight," as if there was any way to resist their mod abilities.  But how the fuck do they convince themselves that their actions are making a better forum?  Only because they aren't forum fans to begin with.  So they have no idea what is good or bad in the forum, only what they view as "proper" or "makes TL look good"--at the expense of anything interesting to anyone.