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Hello, and welcome.  Please listen carefully, as this is of the utmost importance.  I will clarify what, in my view, is the current state of the "ignore feature" on TeamLiquid.Net ("TL").

There have been strong arguments presented in favor of the usefulness of the ignore feature.  If there are any refutations to these arguments, they have not been presented.  Barring any of these yet-to-be-known arguments being brought to light and successfully proving stronger than the other side, this fact will persist; the ignore feature would be useful/helpful/beneficial to the site.  The current lack of the ignore feature is not due to a lack of strong arguments in its favor being the current victor, etc.  In other words, logic is not the reason we have no ignore feature.

So why don't we have the feature?  Maybe it is too much work, not high enough priority, to be made?  It seems like this is not the case.  Literally years ago, Saro was ready to make this feature at the drop of a hat.  The idea seems to have fizzled when one or more powerful TL members discouraged for forbid the idea.  It seems like, looking at this situation, that it is not the workload burden or priority that is keeping us from having the ignore feature.  In other words, as far as possibility and practicality goes, we could have it right now.

So the feature suggestion is logically sound and we have every reason to believe the resources of TL could make it, yet they haven't.  We have already said that it seems like certain people's wishes have blocked the feature.  There is one more test for a feature though:  do enough people want it?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Few if any features have been specifically requested as many times as the ignore feature (4 or 5 times at least), and furthermore, a relatively significant amount of people have come forward saying they would use it in each of these discussions--far more people than you find in any other Feedback thread.  Relative to the amount of readers of Feedback, the demand is huge.

So, to summarize the status of the ignore feature:
-There is a huge demand for it (the people who say they won't use it don't count against this)
-There's a strong, yet to be refuted argument for its value to the site (there is no explanation for the negative value of the feature)
-There is every reason to believe TL can and would make it (they haven't due to privately expressed wishes).

So there is a dilemma we face.  Private wishes are blocking a feature that appears to be valuable.  The dilemma is, are they right, or are they wrong?  Simple as that.

On the one hand, perhaps they know the feature will be bad.  They have the answer to the arguments that seem to demonstrate the value of the feature.  In fact, they can demonstrate that the feature has a negative value.  Yet they are withholding these for some unknown reason.  Perhaps their attitude is, "I know I'm right, I don't need to tell anyone, and that's that."  This is perfectly possible.

However, it is also possible that the demonstration doesn't exist, or that it isn't for real (if it was exposed to the light of day, it would be found to be a phantom).

We could call for those semi-anonymous persons to step up and reveal their thinking.  Only then can we find out whether the feature is valuable or not.  As it stands right now we have every reason to believe it is... every reason to expect the feature other than that some behind the scenes people, perhaps wrongly, are blocking it, and they are shielding themselves from the truth of the matter by not entering their ideas into battle.

The current discussion that is available demands that we try some form of ignore feature out--that we get one.  If there is an argument that changes this we deserve to have our shot at discussing it; we deserve to have it revealed to us so that we can see that it is real.

But semi-anonymous people are keeping their explanations to themselves.  It's easier that way, because they don't have to be right, yet they can act like they are, and go on thinking they are.  But this isn't the way we arrive to the best conclusions--to what is best for the site.  Such shielding of ideas and explanations from public scrutiny is cowardly and self-serving at expensive of the quality of the site and the community.  It's perfectly within the rights of site holders to do this, but the fact remains that they are handicapping the success of portions of the site for a mere gain in their pride or for a few gentle strokes of laziness or what have you.

Therefore, my fellow Teamliquidians, I call you all to march to their doorstep and demand the ignore feature until they have no choice but to put up or give in.  And then soon the day will come when we will unleash the untapped potential of the forums by empowering its users with superhuman powers to perform as though they were better readers and writers than they are, to increase the quality of their output without surpassing their plateaued mettle.  For such a day, I dream, my friends.  Dream with me, and take to the streets in sleepwalking the dream straight to the reality of the people keeping us asleep from that reality where we have the feature, to rouse those people from their dream where they have won an argument by not having it!  Let's go.