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TL is like your first girlfriend

you put the pussy on a pedastal

teamliquid aint nothing.

look at it realistically: what does TL offer to you?


once you start viewing teamliquid as a normal human creation fuelled by boring normal human creations,

perhaps then you can start viewing other forums and delve into them as potential new love lives

what has TL ever given to YOU? it listened, for a while, and then you got banned.

teamliquid is a pathetic excuse for human creation, you are wasting your talents here.

you gotta take this TL shit off the pussy pedastal. TL has never claimed to be awesome. TL doesnt even care to be awesome. TL will never be awesome.

teamliquid is not what you want out of life. for some - perhaps, but not for us. have some self respect, pull that TL pussy off its pedastal and lets go a-hunting for something better
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Re: teamliquid

We should keep trying to find a better forum, I agree.  It definitely wasn't my first anything though.  I've been posting on the internet for 18 years at least--usenet, irc, web forums of all kinds.  My first areas I tried were fantasy writing, philosophy debate, atheism debate, and some other ones.

I found my way to TL by chance--because it had some good TL players that actually hung out with anyone that came there.  THAT was the draw.  It wasn't a media outlet.  We came there because an actual top bw player might answer our post, or at least some people's.  We could hear from the best outside of korea, literally.

That's the only reason any of us went, besides those of us who were already their friends.  Then more people came because they were friends with us.  Then the forum, mostly the General Forum, took on a life of its own.  That life sustained many people as they stopped caring about BW.  But apparently now the leadership wants to change all that.  With the introduction of more and more moderators who don't care to read General, but do--attempts to hype up moderation (first in strategy, then in SC2)--attempts to produce more "content features"--etc.  They are actively changing the site.

Many said it's not by their choice, that the site simply is more popular now.  That's not entirely true.  The site drew in a big burst of people when it started offering SC torrents.  At first you had to sign up and have a certain amount of posts.  TSL may have a similar effect.  Lots of things they do have had a similar effect.  They are content with just having a site that people come to for these types of things; they don't care, or think they can, lose the people who stuck around for the forums.  They may be a smaller group but they are the higher quality one, myself included.  Oh well.  It's their choice.  In their minds they've already took the best from the prior forum culture and converted them into little MiR-clique soldiers, MiR cats if you will, and so the rest of us can just fuck off.  With their new ideas about moderation, no more good posters will come to the surface and no more golden topics are going to happen.  The only good they allow now is 4chan/goon-esque, and they also backlash that.

Anyways, let's hope we find another good forum.  I enjoy TL.  Not sure what the difference is.  At times, I could skim it and find good topics to respond to--and people would get into it.  Hard to do anywhere.