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why i say heinous shit

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I say heinous shit when it comes to TL, and I know that's why I'm kept out of there.

But it's wrong, I tell you.  I'm misunderstood.  The shit I say is out of care, and it has merit as far as I know.  I'm rational about it.  They are opinions that I've come to by examining all the evidence available to me, and using reason to put them together coherently.  It's what we all do.

So until there is a single god damn person who is willing to talk to me on these opinions, IMO it's the truth I'm working with.  It's not truth to bring down TL (how can you possibly think that), but to raise it up!  When I go to a site I go there to do what I like.  I see something good and that's what I'm there for.

And part of that is making sure that the good doesn't die, but that it grows.  That's why I'm simultaneously constructive and critical at a site I obviously like to be at.  It's not a contradiction at all.

So sure, I have my broad theoretical explanations of how TL can improve.  Like I said, until anyone dares put some reasoning out there for me to work with, some refutations of my observations, or new observations, or a better explanation of them (a better theory), then what I am working with--the heinous shit I say--is the authority AFAICT.

So when everybody just refuses to touch my opinions, but instead keeps me out, blocks me from MSN, can't bother to PM me a reason or publicize reasons why they have to silence me all these years, they are just, admitting I might be right but not caring.

So that doesn't exactly make me want to submit to their rule.  It's a place I care about on the internet.  Yes I'm willing to fight for it.  If some assholes were making your favorite bar worse WWYD?  Is it completely out of line to try to let the powers that be know your opinion?

Will they shoot you in the nuts if you tell them what you think would be better?  Hell no, any decent businessman would be glad to have that kind of valuable opinion.  And if you look back you will see I didn't do this to any extreme extent at all, but that I was mistreated for it over and over by goons who do nothing but subract value from the forums.

I'm not crazy, and I'm not some guy trying to bring down TL, or hating TL, or having a grudge with TL.  It's a good place to post.  I think the kinds of things that are best on TL, are often undermined by the mods and lack of mods.  I've explained more detail on this but that's not really all.  I'm also banned from there when it's completely not necessary.  I add value there and IMO any possible harm I could do can be prevented by telling me not to do it, but they can't be bothered to take that step even in the case of a genius like me whose submitted thousands of cogent walls of entertainment that deserve as much respect as anything Shakespeare wrote.  So give me a fucking break, you are lucky to have me and you make yourself look stupid to keep me out.  Sure it's a mystery why a genius wants to use your toilet for a canvas, but why do you guard it like you care about it at all?  Come on niggaz.